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Life after COVID-19

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Thursday, 16 July 2020

We're Back!

After a few months of homeworking, Furlough and exceptional times we are happy to say we are back, running as "normal" as can be and happy to be serving our Clients once more.

Thanks to the committment of staff and employees we are all back to work safely, adhering to the new "Covid-19" Rules and Regulations, but nevertheless still managing to conduct our works to the satisfaction of our Clients.

Thanks to our Clients and their procedures put in place, to allow us to return, we are happy to be working once more and more importantly we are happy to confirm that we have escaped with ZERO confirmed cases of Coronavirus within our network which is an achievement in itself but more so due to the care and attention of everyone who played a part in this happening.

And without a doubt the biggest thanks goes to the NHS and Keyworks who kept us all safe and functioning to some sort of degree throughout the last 4 months - THANK YOU.

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